Due to last code revisions for Version 3 made in Feb 2018, most of version 2 examples are being translated into new input files currently. Revised examples and new program codes will be available in the week of March 26, 2018. User may contact  email  for immediate support.


  • MATLAB Runtime 2014X (64-bit) or later version should be installed before running SCOToolkit.exe without Matlab (computers that Matlab 2014X or later version is installed can run and edit the source codes (aka, m-file).
  • The standalone SCOToolkit execution file does not support parallel computing.
No. File Name Description Download Link
1 SCOToolkit input preparation toolbox using Excel Download
2a SCOToolkit example files for forward run, calibration, and optimization of ED and TSR Download
2b SCOToolkit example files for ED historical injection Download
2c SCOToolkit example files for Thermal Source Reduction Download
2d SCOToolkit example files for ISCO (pulse, continuous, and historical injection) Download
2e SCOToolkit example files for parameter calibration using ISCO historical injection Download
3 SCOToolkit_UserGuide.pdf SCOToolkit user guide Download
4 Matlab_Math_library Matlab MATLAB Runtime math library to use SCOToolkit (2014X or later version 64-bit) Download
5a SCOToolkit execution file Download
5b SCOToolkit Matlab codes Download
5c Estimate a streamline equation using digitized data ([X,Y] or [E,N]) Download
6 ER-2310 final report pdf files Download